Our Ministries

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Women’s Ministry

Women from all walks of life are invited to a time of fellowship in love, unity and growth in the Lord. Women’s fellowship gatherings are held once every month. Our gatherings are aimed at building, empowering and maintaining Christian character among all women. We also have conferences held every twice a year by our WIFI (Women Intercessory Fellowship International movement, were we aim to promote global unity as Christian women.

Men of Solutions

Men’s meetings are held once a month, all men of all races and colour are invited to join our growing family. Our focus is aimed at grooming and promoting the men’s position as the head of home, Church and in the Society.

Gift of Mercy Ministry

The ministry of compassion is aimed at enhancing the lives of people, Giving diligently and Generously to the needy. If you have always had the hunger to help the needy but never knew how to, or where to deliver or maybe you felt that your gift was too little, now here is a chance for you to deliver your generosity. Join us, let’s put together the LITTLE that we have and make it BIG, Let’s join our hands and hearts in giving, Let’s extend the gift of mercy out there by putting SMILES on many that may be in need of small gifts.
There is no exercise better for the heart than digging deep and putting a smile on the less privileged!(Elle)

Solutions Upper Room (Prayer Warriors)

Our prayer warrior team is aimed at interceding for the Church family as a whole, as well as interceding for the world at large. We meet every Friday in the Church auditorium at 10pm for 4 hours express prayers. Everyone is welcome to join our team, were you will increase your prayer life and grow spiritually.

Solutions Angels

Children are a great asset in our lives and churches, we aim to educate our angel aged between 2 – 12 years about God, His ways and the Bible as a whole; to groom them to make sense out of life and becoming our future church leaders. To promote the children’s internal and indestructible happiness in Christ. To assist in the smooth running of the main auditorium as well as for spiritual development,  and to train children to pray with confidence and grasp scriptures.

Solutions Future Leaders

Youth being the future leaders of the Church, our aim is to maintain a pure life for Christ and still have fun in Him. We meet once every month in fellowship. Our focus is to encourage each other by building and maintaining God’s instructions and living by His word as well as setting an example to the world at large.

Media/Publications Teams

Our services are broadcasted live on Facebook every Sunday. CD’s and DVD’s  are available only on order. Our daily devotionals are produced 4 times a year covering up to 3 months a time, sold at R50 per copy.   Follow us on twitter, Facebook and on Youtube.
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We have a spirit filled dynamic choir that ministers in powerful melodies. We believe that Praise and Worship draws you closer to the Most High God.


At Solutions Camp we aim to make our guests and members comfortable and appreciated. Our ushers understand the concept of
Mentorship Academy
Our mentorship academy is slated for raising a new generation of revolutionary leaders who will impact and influence today’s global communities by reaching out to them with the Gospel of Christ through pre-eminence.
By dint of divine impartation and the moving of the Holy Spirit, gifts are activated, tongues and spiritual  eyes are open; members embark onto their new journey into their high calling.


This ministry brings the people of God to a state of victory from past emotional hurt that hinders spiritual growth. The team approaches psychology through the lens of the Bible. Our aim is to reaffirm our commitment to build one another up in faith as well as to extend our covenant to one another as members of the same Church, most of all we provide the potential of greater accountability of shared problems, as well as the opportunity to bring back lost souls due to one reason or the other.

Solutions Princes and Princesses

This ministry acknowledges the precariousness of the evolution from middle childhood (6-12) to Adolescents/Teenagers (12-19). Established mature and godly men and women are mobilised to [provide a mentoring and caring support for this age group in order to prepare them and steer them away from the myths about teenagers as well as to create a safety net that contains and guides the princes and princesses to a safe landing. They are taught the word and are counselled on the issues of life and goodliness along with  encouraging them  to set high goals and to drive themselves to attain these and to honour God in their daily decisions.

Singles Ministry

This ministry caters for all the single ladies and gentlemen at Solution Camp despite of them being ancient or new members of the family. The aspiration of this ministry is to encourage holy living; delighting in the laws of the Lord, to edify one another by encouraging personal growth and development in the word and the temple of the Holy Spirit. We want each single person to know their purpose in God, to know the importance of intimacy with God as well as to  know the importance of dedicating their time to the things of God, by being used in the advancement of His Kingdom.

How to join our family

We invite you to become part of our family. We believe that you will discover your place in the body of Christ and feel at home. We encourage you to stay focused on salvation as you serve Christ with purpose and determination. We believe that when you join us you will not only become a member of Solutions Camp but a full member of the family with equal privileges and responsibilities in the House. To become a full member of our family requires you to fill in our visitors form which allows us to add you to our Church database. Also If it’s your first time visiting our site today, please do leave behind your details in the prayer request form as we shall continue praying for you.


We are mandated to discover, train, empower and mentor men and women, youths and all individuals to fulfil their calling in Christ; through sharing raw word, delivering prophecy as well as  praying for lost souls in order to
accomplish our sole vision of birthing revival fire in 4 million end time soldier and preparing the saints across the globe for rapture.


Network Churches and ministries around the world with one heart, one voice, one spirit and of cause one
Kingdom mind is above all ………
We believe in honouring, building and grooming one another in spiritual growth, dwelling in unity and mutual sharing of resources, gifts and abilities.


We have a Pastor in church between 10am and 5pm as well as one on one counselling sessions on appointment. Our telephone line is open to all on (+27110580020/ whatsapp+27787211420) for all matters of life be it personal, spiritual or emotional.


We stand strong and hold firm to our family values through strengthening each other through our various departments in the Church and protecting each other from being bruised in one way or the other. Discipline is considered ………


Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for His compassions never fail, we believe in forgiving one another, selflessness, putting others interests at heart and expressing Christ’s tender love to all without discriminating.


God’s pre-eminence as our Lord and personal Saviour drives our zeal into advancing into excellency through
honouring God and attracting sons and daughters for His Kingdom into our family. Dedication and full commitment is our expedition in this journey.

Solutions Future Leaders

Youth being the future leaders of the Church, our aim is to maintain a pure life for Christ and still have fun in Him. We meet once every month in fellowship. Our focus is to encourage each other by building and maintaining God’s instructions and living by His word as well as setting an example to the world at large.